Under My Bed

Under My Bed
This new house is good. Especially the bed, I really love the new bed. The queen-size mattress with padded headboard and dark wood feet is just too perfect for me. As the old saying goes, "no place like home". But everything changed soon after I realized something. Something I never ever wanted to know.

I have moved into this new house for one week. Everything is good except the view of the bedroom. The view is facing a cemetery. Every morning when I woke up I bowed my respect to "them". I don't believe in ghosts but I am scared of them. I get used to this view as time passed. Until one day, I realized some weird things. It is not about the cemetery outside my house, but under my bed.

According to Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Joe, my friend, is the owner of this house. He rented it to me in a low price. Of course, who will rent a house facing the cemetery? Most of the furniture, including the bed, were already here when I moved in. I did not check all of them thoroughly as long as they are usable. The longer days I lived here, the weirder the things happened.

One night, I was sleeping on my bed. Suddenly there’s a voice turned up. I can't distinguish where the voice came from. It is just like someone is in my house. I grabbed a bat and searched the house. What is strange is that there is nothing, except me, inside the house. That night no weird things happened again. The next day I met Joe at the school. I asked Joe whether any weird things happened before I move into the house. And Joe seems understood something . But he did not tell me and just said he was busy. Then I decided to investigate it myself.

There is an old saying "Curiosity killed the cat". It is used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation. But this time, I must find out what happened in this house. When I backed home after school, I searched every corner of the house. After 2 hours searching, I did not find anything strange. I...
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