Under Armour Case Write Up

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Under Armour has become one of the most successful performance apparel brands in the United States. Despite its recent successes, Under Armour does have a few problems that could adversely affect its future sales. One general environment issue is how the current economic situation in the United States will affect Under Armour’s sales. As consumers change their buying habits it could hurt its sales severely. Two, Under Armour needs to consider how its lack of a diversified supply group impacts its bargaining power. Roughly 75 percent of its fabric is purchased from only six distributors. Three, the company should consider diversifying its product line beyond its current sports apparel majority. Under Armour doesn’t have as much brand recognition in spring/summer sports such as soccer and basketball. Lastly, Under Armour should be more aggressive in expanding to European and Asian markets. Currently, Under Armour heavily relies on U.S. market and there are tremendous potential consumer power in Europe and Asia.

General Environment Analysis

There are a variety of different external factors that influence the amount of success Under Armour is able to achieve. One of the biggest factors negatively affecting the firm is within the economic sector. Consumers are spending less money in the retail market. This decrease in spending is causing a broader economic downturn. As a company who sells its products at premium prices, this downturn threatens to damage the company’s sales and decrease profits.

There are also several different opportunities offered by the general environment. Under Armour products are useful to athletes. Regardless of the country in which a sport is played, high quality, breathable apparel and durable, innovative equipment are always useful. Because of the cultural transcendence of its products, Under Armour is pursuing international diversification. Their strategy is one of regionalization, allowing top managers within each region...
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