Under Armour

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Under Armour|
Week 9 Assignment 2|
By: Laura Bennett|


Under Armour had came a long way in the last few years. A college football player, Kevin Plank, wanted to come up with a shirt that controlled the body temperature and not soak up the sweat. Working in his grandmothers’ basement, he finally came up with his first shirt. The shirt was a “shiny tight shirt made of high tech fibers that wicked away moisture, keeping athletes cool, dry, and feeling light.” (Under Armour…, 2011). The company started in the year of 1996 and quickly became a leader in the sports apparel industry. There are many factors when it comes to dealing with environmental threats. Competitive markets can be challenging for a business, due to the prices and the different products that are being offered. Under Armour needs to see what their competitors have to offer, study their strengths and weaknesses, know their history, and what type of approaches they use. Under Armour have three large competitors, such as Adidas/Reebok, Columbia Sportswear, and Nike. There is even a small competitor, known as SportHill, which could intentionally break through in order to become a larger threat. Another environmental threat is the fact that Under Armour does not have a patent on any of their materials that are used in the products. Therefore, Under Armour needs to be aware of the licensing agreements in order to keep a company from stealing the ‘how to’ make the product and create one of their own versions. The greatest opportunity that is available in the marketplace for Under Armour to pursue would be to expand their apparel a little broader. They can come up with more product lines, when they do the research that is necessary in order to determine what needs to be done to increase their profits. There have been a few foreign countries that know their brand, but Under Armour needs to market their products in the foreign countries that do not know their...
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