Under Armour

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Culture Viability (Case 2) The Ultimate Fighting Championship also known as UFC was a case in which UFC was coming into a market that has existed for many of years, but rather was venturing into new locations around the globe. The UFC actually became a big success almost overnight. The main question starting off was whether the UFC was a culturally viable business venture that could work elsewhere. UFC was embraced at an extremely fast paced all over the world, especially in the United States of America. The first section of this analysis will cover the general environment for the MMA market. General Environment

The legality and political side of MMA differs all over the world. MMA as a market started off with “there are no rules” motto which with this brutality brought lots of interest to the sport but also came with a lot of criticism. Due to a lot of countries failing to recognize MMA as actual athletics and having an athletic commission, many countries banned MMA fighting in their regions. Since the no rules MMA has become so big, rules and regulations had to start taking place. Referees were being placed in the fighting matches to make sure the equipment used by each fighter was legal, the clothes, and the certain styles of fights that are taken place as well as much other legality. Fights were no longer fought until someone was knocked out, although someone can still be knocked out and the fight is over. Times and rounds were introduced to the sport as well as judges in the case that someone was not knocked out. Socio-cultural

MMA is a sport and athletic competition that is done all year round, and seasons did not change these competitions due to the indoor arenas taking place. Recently MMA has become extremely big for the fact that people are becoming more conscious about their health and want to look fit, as well as actually be fit. Years and years ago started the idea that men should be big, strong, and superior to everyone and with this being said, in today’s day and age all men want to feel like they are the best or they are superior to everyone around them. Having idea that you are bigger, stronger, more powerful that people around you today, and in the past you must actually be bigger in size and strength. Woman were not part of this sports competition market in earlier days because they looked down upon if they were fighting or anything other than providing for that matter. Now present days, woman are entering this market and fighting just like men, with slightly different rules, and are slowly becoming popular in this market. Technology

Technology does not play a huge role in this market besides the advertising and marketing of this sport because, the goal of this market was to attain the maximum level of athletic level, with as few technical restrictions as possible. With that being said, without marketing this sport all over the world, and advertising as much as possible, this once small time market would not even exist worldwide because no one would know anything about it. In 2008 according to the case study, “MMA in the United States estimated 5,000,000 PPV (paper view) purchases, in fact often rivaled and surpassed those of other sports such as boxing and professional wrestling.” Economy

Even with this economic downturn that we have experienced in the past decade MMA has not gone down in reference to revenue it is earning. You do not need money to fight, train, or be a part of this market, except for watching it. MMA started off in the United States on only paper view channels which cost extra money to watch. More recently, MMA has been seen on cable TV and not as expensive to watch. Stated in the case study, that even though paper view was how the matches were shown, “between 2001 and 2008, attendance at MMA events rose by 400 percent. Which these events occurred between 12 and 14 times per year and UFC was actually the largest revenue...
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