Under Age Smoking

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  • Published : February 23, 2009
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Under Age Smoking

Cigarettes a hazard to life have become very common. It is just a burning a piece of paper and tobacco, but smokers ignore and take the carbon dioxide into the lungs. People are killing themselves and harming others by smoking. The awareness among the people has been rising but many of the young people ignore the dangers, and still many diseases are happening; consequence would be more deaths. The dangers of smoking are many, but still cigarettes have become common; every third person smokes these days. As the elders smoke and young people also learn that there is no harm by smoking, so they do it at the very early age or under age smoking. And it becomes as a tradition parents do it, so children also do it. Apart from getting this habit from elders, some people smoke just because they want to show off or they just want to show that they are grown enough to do anything. Besides tradition and showing off, people smoke to release tension, but it’s useless as inhaling carbon dioxide can not release tension. Besides inhaling the carbon dioxide and affecting them, science has also proved that smoking cause lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, cancer, a opthelaryn, and tongue cancer. These types of diseases do not occur in a day or two, but it requires smoking for many years. Those people who do under age smoking would end up with early diseases and a short life. Smoking for women is more harmful as when they are pregnant the child takes the oxygen, and the child who is not born yet starts breathing carbon dioxide. It also slows the flow of blood which in return slows nutrients to a baby. Smoking not only damages lungs but its gives cough problems which remain permanent. People do not realize the amount of nicotine they take. It just makes a person addictive and if people want to leave this habit then one of the ways to cure is to put patches on their body to get rid of this habit. Teenage smoking has been created by the society...
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