Unconventional Women

Topics: Woman, The Canterbury Tales, Philip II of Macedon Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: April 20, 2008
In an old Hebrew myth, scribed in medieval times, Adam had a wife prior to the complacent, obedient Eve; her name was Lilith. Lilith was created not from rib, but from the same dust as Adam. As the story goes, Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam, stating that they were equals. When Adam tried to force her into compliance, she fled to the treacherous Red Sex. Considered a demoness by all accounts, she sat on the edge of the sea, birthing more than one hundred demon babies every day. Adam cried to God for help, and God sent angels to fetch Lilith back. When she refused, they condemned her to a fate of either taking the life of an infant (unless that infant has its name written on an amulet) or if she cannot, then she must take the life of her own babies. Also, one hundred of her demon babies would die every day. Instead of taking the lesser of two evils, Lilith spitefully accepted this fate instead of returning to the Garden with Adam. In literature, especially those written by males, it is not uncommon to see a headstrong woman portrayed as, or even becoming, the villain. The last sentence of your opening paragraph is the thesis. The first paragraph should just deal with making the argument. In this case you might want to cut back on the information about Lilith and introduce all the women your paper will discuss: Lilith, Lady Macbeth, and the wife of Bath.. Go into more detail on Lilith after the opening paragraph. The thesis should make an clearer, more specific, and stronger argument about all these women and what they represents: that is a strong feminine character that challenged creation myths and cultural norms. From the ancient accounts of Alexander the Great’s mother Olympias, to the more well-known Cleopatra or Catherine the Great, to literary figures such as Chaucer’s Wife of Bath, or Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth; strong, childless, and unconventional women, regardless of their motives, are seen as evil or villainous if they are as ruthless as...
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