Uncontrollable Environmental Factors

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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College Marketing- Sisk
Uncontrollable Environmental Factors
The head of a major TV network would be plagued with uncontrollable factors. External environmental factors affect marketing decisions all the time. The public becoming more concerned with sex and violence on the television are part of the social factor. The social factor is involved with demographics, culture, and values. Another external factor would be regulatory forces. The government may regulate businesses with regard to the conduct of its activities. Boycott groups and sponsors threatening to pull ads are both part of the economical factor. The economy significantly impacts luxury items and services. A lack of sponsors can equate to a lack of money. Viewers moving to cable TV in favor of more variety and less censorship are two environmental factors. Cable TV is a competition factor due to its greater technological factor. As head of the television network, I would form a specific plan to combat each factor. I would add viewer discretion warnings to more graphic TV shows due to the social factor. As head, I would also regulate the network more strictly, possibly changing the lineups of certain shows, and be more careful about content the network is displaying. This would also combat the regulatory factor. To combat the economic factor of boycotts and sponsors, I would look to find new sponsors to replace old ones. The problem of cable TV would be combatted with contracts for new programs and a late night schedule with less censorship.
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