Uncle Tom's Cabin: Analysis

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Its a book about anti-slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe did a few hours of study before writing and it was the second best selling book at the time- behind Bibles. Mr. Shelby and Mrs. Shelby, a nice slave owners, cannot afford to keep all the slaves and sells Uncle Tom- a middle aged slave with a family. Mr. Shelby was going to sell Harry, their maid slave's son, because they had huge debt to Mr. Haley. Harry’s mother, Eliza, runs away with Harry. Harry and Eliza are hunted and Tom goes to live with St. Clare who shortly before he died he offered to free Tom. He dies before this happens and Tom is sold to Simon Legree a creul man. Legree begins to hate Tom when Tom refuses Legree's order to whip his fellow slave. Legree beats Tom viciously, and resolves to crush his new slave's faith in God. Uncle Tom almost succumbs to hopelessness, as his faith in God is tested by the hardships of the plantation. However, he has two visions, one of Jesus and one of Eva, which renew his resolve to remain a faithful Christian, even unto death. When Tom refuses to tell Legree where Cassy and Emmeline have gone, Legree orders his overseers to kill Tom. As Tom is dying, he forgives the overseers who savagely beat him. Humbled by the character of the man they have killed, both men become Christians. Very shortly before Tom's death, George Shelby (Arthur Shelby's son) arrives to buy Tom’s freedom, but finds he is too late. Once in Canada, Cassy discovers that Eliza is her long-lost daughter who was sold as a child. Now that their family is together again, they travel to France and eventually Liberia, the African nation created for former American slaves. There they meet Cassy's long-lost son.
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