Uncle Tom's Cabin Essay

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Mohammad Rabah

Harriet Beecher Stowe and Other Influences on the Civil War
Harriet Beecher Stowe's book Uncle Tom's Cabin is often seen as a primary influence of the Civil War. She showed just how terrible and difficult the life of a slave really was. By doing so she caused a lot of disturbances across the country regarding the institution of slavery. It open many people's eyes to the terrible conditions slaves lived under and led many to act towards the abolition of slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin displays the hardships of Tom, Eliza, and George, as well as the other slaves they encounter along their journey. The hardships suffered by them showed just how cruel and terrifying the life of a slave could be. Never before had a novel emphasized the terrible conditions slaves lived under like Uncle Tom's Cabin. Tom's story shows both the good and bad in how white people had treated their slaves, and his noble and heroic characteristics shed a new light on slaves who were often looked down upon. Therefor much turmoil was caused amongst slave holders in the south for this made them look cruel, like Simon Legree, who had beaten Tom to death in the story. The story also shows the tension caused in slave families when they would be torn apart due to family members being sold, which is why Eliza and her husband George fled north to Canada. All of these dramatic events in the story led many people to push towards ending slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin also influenced white northerners to house escaping slaves due to all the trouble they had to go through to get freed. Not only did the book influence people living in the US, it also revealed the inhumanity of slavery to people all around the world, selling three million copies world wide (Smith). Such a widespread influential book also upset the south, for slavery was a major part of how they made money and it had now been revealed to the public how crudely they treated their slaves. Rising tensions about the topic are seen as...
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