Uncle Marcos

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Uncle Marcos
Every time Uncle Marcos visits his sister’s house Nivea, he brings his strange staff with him. He tries to do experiment, discovers new materials and practise new exercises that turns everything in the house upside down everyone in the house is not always happy for his long stay except for Clara who always enjoys his stories, reads his books and always remembers every single name of the things he saw or met in his travels. This helped her to be better in her ability to expect the future events. Once he got barrel organ and funny Parrot that speaks Spanish with a funny accent and he kept playing it in the city specially to win the heart and love of his cousin Antonita. He is always there in front of her house playing nice music and lets the Parrot repeats her name. He was unlucky because he married another man and traveled to Africa. He was very sad for three days. He sold the organ and left the Parrot that Nana poisoned it in the end. During another long stay of Uncle Marcos, he could assemble a prehistoric-toy bird. He decided to fly in it like a plane. All the people gather to watch this miracle. He flew up high into the sky and behind the clouds and then he vanished. Everybody waited for him to come back and they lost hope. Clara was sure he would come back. Explorers and mountain climbers deceived everybody and put a bag of sand in a coffin, saying that it is Uncle Marcos body. Uncle Marcos came back alive without the flying machine bird that he lost and it was completely destroyed. Another adventure was having a crystal ball from the Persian Bazaar. He and Clara could deceive all the people by telling them the secrets of their future. They could get much money of it. Uncle Marcos wore a tunic and a turban around his head and n Egyptian amulet around his neck. At last, they got rid of the ball. Uncle Marcos got an African plague. He was very yellow and his skin wrinkled as a piece of old paper. He died on the ship and the captain put his...
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