Uncle Bob

Topics: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Law enforcement agency Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Uncle Bob Case Scenario
CJ216-05 Computers, Technology, and CJ Info Systems 1101A March 2011 term, Tues 9pm-10pm

Looking at the situation at hand it’s was easy to that my Uncle Bob was in a sticky situation. Though he was caught for speeding it came to a surprise that he was placed in back of the squad car. But then I realized that obliviously the charges that my uncle was facing in California were obviously federal charges. For example, transporting minors cross state lines or transporting narcotics across state lines. When dealing with federal charges they follow you know matter where you go. So when they pulled up the informatio from my uncle driver’s license on the computer everything came up along with his charges. And if he is facing extreme charges he should have never left California until all charges were dealt with. Over the years there have been much technological advancement that help authorities be able to communicate with each other. During these times the technology officer’s use is electronic communication which was simple telegraph system. This system that they used was a one-way communication that was originate in the police headquarters where an officer moved a dial with about ten choices to let headquarters know what type assistance that officer needs. Then as times progressed the simple signal went towards the headquarters and told the police officer had arrived at the assigned beat. In the 1880 the law enforcement used telephone handset which they plugged into a box to communicate with the headquarters. “Early in the twentieth century in Washington, D.C., police officers began using a telephone handset, which plugged into the box for voice communication with headquarters, as seen here in about 1910 at the intersection of Pennsylvania and 7th Street, N.W”(Foster, 2005 pg.122). The handset begins to prove them very useful. They were more responsive and allowed for a broader range of communication. Then came the advancements...
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