Unbelieve Speech

Topics: Audience, The Speaker, Reason Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Critical  thinking  project
Speaker :  Guillermo Maldonado (  Apostol)
Topic : Unbelieves
Location :  King  Jesus  Ministries
Time:  11:00am  to 2:00pm

This speech took place on March 10, 2013 , children, adults and adolescents attended while hundred’s watched on TV as a Christian Preacher ,a   Oklahoma University Graduate Dr. Guillermo Maldonado stood behind a podium.

The central Idea or purpose   of his speech was and is to still educate, motivate, and persuade everyone engaging the  audience on the topic , This  speech  was about  unbelieve this is  a  topic  needed to be   address  property  so the people don’t get offended

He had competence, character which made people listen. He had Initial, derived, and terminal Credibility. He reasoned from principal, casual and analogical reasoning having Biblical references and literary illusions.  

Positives  and  negative  critiques  about  this  speech  
* Encourage  the  audience  to a change
* Asking questions is essential  to maintain the  audience focus  especially  in a conference that long . * Passive  voice  was implemented  the speaker never speak  directly  to the person never use example that  can affect  the  culture or  believes of the person * Visual example  were  used , this gives a  visual  idea  about the  topic  allowing the audience to  remember what is the topic  about * When  you   speak  in front  of a large  audience always  talk or  refer to the people  in the back  , front  left and right do not concentrate in just  one side of the  place . * One  thing I  noticed was that  the  lights  were  always  neutral  , do not  put  the light so  bright  that  affect  people's  eyes it can be  uncomfortable for  the individuals * At the  end  of the  speak  do to  mention I" would  finish  with this "  because make the  audience believed  that the conference  is  about the end when in fact  hasn't ...
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