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  • Published: May 21, 2013
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It fascinated me to write this since I moved in Memphis, Tennessee two months ago. The reason I moved here because I met a guy on conference line. His name is Mek. We were talking on phone almost two-year. one years later he asked me to move his area ,but I told him that I am not ready . We exchanged picture, and I decided to move. He told me that we may marry soon. When I saw him in the airport, my first impression was negative. I who expected wasn’t a person. When I see him, the way he explains to me completely different. He and his friend were greeting me then we reached their home with in thirty minute. People were their home waiting us. Everybody greeted me and ate lunch together. He has lived with his roommates mar and Nur .The first day I noticed that he smoked cigarettes. I can’t stand around with his cigarette smell. He told me that he is on vacation. I figure out he fired from his job. I wasn’t very pleased with his dishonest. He started working night shift after a while. It was Friday morning Nur knocked my room and told me he wanted to talk to me, and then he told me that my friend arrested because he sold beers without checking Identity card. The strange news makes me nervous. I never heard something like this I was eager to find out. I typed his name on my Laptop to check his status. When I saw his picture on criminal record, his strange news outraged me. I saw that he arrested because of sex battler. My heart broke because I believe him what he told me. His worst condition tried to cover the truth with full of lies. His roommate kept saying that he arrested because of beer. The fabrication of his lies makes me uncomfortable, and then I told him that I know the truth. He was nervous and distracted. Nur brought new story that a mother around their neighbors left her daughter’s alone their apartment, and me called her, and gave her a food. Her mother who called a police knocked his apartment because she found her daughter naked. I am curious about his conflict idea. I don’t know why his friend lie and hide the truth. I believe that truth may take time to come out. His roommate always blames the girl’s mother. I don’t want say a word because everybody knows the truth. Always this question comes in my mind why do they hide the truth then I heard they are childhood friends Moreover he always drink alcohol in the morning before he goes to bed. There was something strange about him.one time I who met a guy from my country went Starbucks which is a little far from where I stayed. I asked him that he can give me ride. We left from Starbucks after an hour. He was driving on the way where I stayed then he asked me what do I do home, and I answered nothing. He asked me to watch movie .I who borrows his phone to call for my friend to let him I am with someone accepted his offer we ate lunch at country buffet, and then we went to the movie. Mek kept calling me while I watched the movie, but I didn’t answer. Finally the movie was over around 11 Pm. I called him back to on my way to where I stayed. When I reached home my friend wasn’t home because he is working night-time but Mar was home. I greeted him and went straight to my room. My friend came in the morning and, he started arguing with me. He called me stupid that irritated me. I was indignant I who went store with Nur tried to go to store to buy medicine. Since I returned from store I didn’t see him until the next day. He was behaving strangely .I have never seen something like this kind of character before. I don’t know the reason but I think something bothers him. He started disagree without any reason. I am sick and tired of this kind of behavior .I told him I want to go back to Maryland. It was Sunday I came from church around 2 pm his roommate was waiting me and I went home and just changed my cloth and left to check job opening. I didn’t talk to him because he was on the...
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