Unawareness of Dietary Supplements

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Unawareness of Dietary Supplements

Over the years body image has changed and people have come to strenuous methods to keep up with the media on how they should look. The idea of adding or having something added to your body is not always something positive. This is the picture dietary supplements paint. “A dietary supplement can come in a capsule, a pill, or even liquid form; these pills or liquids include a dietary ingredient such as vitamins, minerals, herb botanical, amino acids or other substances”; they can include more that one of these ingredients at a time (Consumer Reports Magazine 2012). These supplements are not safe and can negatively impact a person’s health and body. Many dietary supplements give what can already be sufficient in daily foods if eating properly. Dietary supplements should only be taken by certain people who have been recommended to by a doctor. Before someone decides to take vitamins or supplements they need to do proper research. People can be easily misguided on how a dietary supplement works or the harms it can do to one’s body. This is because the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA does not require the creators of these supplements to provide a warming label. According to Consumer Reports Magazine (September 2012) “More than half of American adults take vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements”; within those there have been 10,300 serious outcomes, 115 deaths, 2,100 hospitalizations, 1,000 serious injuries, 900 emergency room visits, and 4,000 other important medical events (Consumer Reports Magazine 2012). Therefore, dietary supplements are not safe and if taken, it should be under close supervision. Many people are unaware that it is possible and easy to overdose on vitamins. When the FDA was testing some samples they learned that some contained vitamins of A and D at concentrations way above the recommended daily levels (Consumer Reports Magazine 2012). These supplements...
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