Topics: Sky, Ocean, Humidity Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: November 5, 2013

Maderia Beach Florida, 90 degrees outside with only 30 percent humidity, the perfect beach weather. I’m sitting by the shore taking in the magnificent view of the crystal clear water surrounding me farther than I can see. The sun is beaming yellow setting on the distant horizon, its reflection is glistening on the luminous water. I can feel the grainy but velvety sand underneath my palms as I run my hands across the ground. As the warm water touches my feet I can feel tiny bits of broken seashells run underneath my toes. The beach is abandoned, I am the only one there besides the small fish that accompany me in the water. It is so peaceful on the beach, free of daily stresses and worries. I forget any of my responsibilities for a moment and only listen to the rolling and crashing of the waves as the glorious water sweeps onto the shore. I hear a few seagulls caw far off, but no sounds of other people. I dive into the ocean, its warmth rejuvenates my body. The water isn’t too hot though, it is still cool enough to refresh my heated skin. As I up to the surface I take in a full breath of the crisp air, I can taste the salty water in my mouth. Then, I lie on my back and float on top of the surface with all my limbs spread out, my body gently moves with the motion of the beautiful water. I look straight up at the sky, it is brilliantly blue frosted with white puffy clouds. The beach is so tranquil and calm, and I am at peace as I take in the outstanding surroundings.
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