Ukrainian Folk Dance School

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Ukrainian Folk Dance School

Final Paper


Tatiana Doroshenko

“People want to be a part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something they’re really proud of, that they’ll fight for, sacrifice for, that they trust.” Howard Shultz, CEO, Starbucks

I believe that in a many cases successful business has a great personal story behind it. The reason for that is the passion behind the business, an excessive desire to fulfill dreams and make a change in people’s life. That is why when we received this assignment I thought about all the things I adore and love and that is how the idea of opening a Ukrainian Folk Dance School came to my mind. I used to attend Ukrainian traditional folk dance school on a regular basis when I was a child. When I turned 14, due to various peer influences and distractions, I decided to quit Ukrainian dance school and join a modern dance studio instead. During my recent conversation with my mother, I told her, that she should have never allowed me to quit folk dancing and forced me to attend the classes. I regret till date that decision. As the saying goes, often parents try to live their dreams through their children, I feel like I have started it already. I do not have my own children yet, but I already know that they will attend some dancing classes. Meanwhile, in my research paper I will dream about opening a Ukrainian Folk Dance School in Stamford, CT.

Core values
Mission for my company is to provide a caring and inspiring environment for young dancers in the Ukrainian community. Vision is to become a dance company in CT where youth will be encouraged and motivated to learn their own culture. Values we share are: commitment to the Ukrainian community and culture, exploring Ukrainian traditions by the history of its dance, and encouragement of growing generation to be proud of their ethnicity.

Unique Customer Experience
We believe that our dance company will offer a unique experience to Ukrainians who live in CT and NY. Stamford has a big Ukrainian community with its own church, Sunday school, museum, and grocery store. People want to remember their roots and place where they came from. Ukrainian dancing school would lead young generation to better understanding and relating to their own culture. It is also very common for the post-Soviet union countries to have their children learning national dancing. When I was a kid I used to learn Ukrainian dancing 3 times a week for few years, so did a lot of my friends. I have confidence that parents here in Stamford and its area will be very pleased with an idea of having dance school locally. The closest Ukrainian dance school is located in NY or NJ. By learning our national dance, its history, and wearing traditional outfits, kids would be able to understand their culture better, and be proud that they are Ukrainians.

Situation analysis and SWOT
Location – After conduction of a basic online research, I was able to state that Ukrainian Folk Dance School’s location will be to its a great advantage. The closest Ukrainian dance school is located miles away. Strong community – Stamford has a big number of Ukrainians who live here permanently. As it was mentioned above, there are a Ukrainian Sunday school, Seminary, church, museum and grocery store. For more than 40 years Ukrainian-Americans have an opportunity to attend Connecticut State Ukrainian Day Festival at St. Basil Seminary. They are able to socialize, taste Ukrainian food, enjoy kids performances and art collections. Learning about Ukrainian Dance culture and tradition – Learning the dance itself will lead to better understanding of customs, traditional clothing, time spending, etc. Extra-curricular activity – Despite the fact that sometimes kids are overwhelmed with the amount of homework, they still need to be engage in some extra activity. Ukrainian Folk Dance School would be a great opportunity for parents to...
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