Ukraine: Population Crisis

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  • Published : April 17, 2005
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Purcell Consulting Company is world's foremost independent consulting company regarding policy issues for governments, and we are glad that you have chosen us in helping with your policies. As addressed in your personal statement, you are extremely concerned about your country's population decline, and the years to come. This problem, distressing to say, is notably related to the way your government is governed, as well as other factors including health issues, and economics that puts a strain on the your population. In this assessment I will brief on specific reasons for your countries declining population, as well as sufficient solutions in solving this apprehensive problem.

First I would first like to address health issues surrounding this problem. Ukraine, like many other Eastern European states generally have poor health conditions. Most Ukrainian citizens drink more alcohol, have bad nutrition, and visit doctors less frequently. As a result death comes quick, along with diseases, and lowered fertility rates (Jamestown). According to the 2001 Census, Ukraine registered a 6.1 percent decline in population. Dr. Oleh Wolowyna, a professor at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, also reports mortality rates in infants and adults have risen due to a poor health care system. The main reason behind an increase in infant death rates is due to an increase in "perinatal complications," that arise from birth---low birth weight, poor-prenatal nutrition, birth/pregnancy problems, and pre mature birth---- of which are all related to a poor health care system. Adult mortality rates has also risen almost 60% due to a "circulatory diseases" --- stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure (Jarosewich). Moreover, AIDS has contributed generously to Ukraine's declining population. According to the UN, AIDS is growing faster in Ukraine than any other post-communist European country and is also growing faster then anywhere else outside Africa (Jamestown). The...
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