Uk vs Usa Education

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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In the United Kingdom the academic schooling system is unequal compared to the United

States education system. Many schools in the UK are at a slow pace whereas schools in the U.S

are always pushing their students to earn their full potential. UK schools are known to be much

more disciplined whereas the US is very lenient. In the UK, education is all combined in one

whereas in the US education is broken down grade wise. This makes the US to be stronger as

each year of the students academic life they focus on one subject rather than having it mixed

up. The US push their students by concentrating on one subject throughout each school year.

Schools in England have smaller school sizes, smaller classes and uniforms. The uniform is a form of discipline and a representation of the school the student attends. American schools have around 400 kids per grade and are not required to wear uniforms. UK schools are split up into 2 sections. From ages 4-11 children are based in ‘’primary school’’. From ages 12-16 students are settled in ‘’secondary school’’. In the US students stay at school until the age of 18, however with parental consent they are permitted to drop out at the age of 16. In England, “no one is allowed to leave school until he or she is 16, and those who wish to stay longer may do so without any payment” Lyle, Garry. England. Malaysia. Chelsea House Publishers

The academic system is combined in the UK during each ‘’year’’(grade) students are placed in Science, Math and English. In science students learn Biology Chemistry and Physics each year until Year 10. Also Math is combined into one. In the U.S,science and math is broken down per year. Students are required to take Environmental science in 9th grade, Biology in 10th grade, Chemistry in 11th grade and Physics in 12th grade; however this is optional to students. This strategy is bound to assist students and to increase their academic knowledge. Focusing on one topic...
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