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Reflective Journal Assignment 3

i)Reflect on your portfolio of professional development in order to demonstrate how your practice has developed across the year. ii)Reflect on the GTC research ‘How does collaborative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers of the 5-16 age range affect teaching and learning?” Reflect on the role of the professional teacher in the light of the GTC professional standards and the National Standards for Qualified Teacher Status. You should link this paper to reading on teacher professionalism and opportunities for professional development.

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Part 1


The challenge of achieving progression for a group of students, each representing individual learning backgrounds and different levels of ability, has been an area of considerable professional development. If students are expected to make different rates of progress, then their experiences in the classroom must be tailored to their individual learning needs. Thus, differentiation arguably has the greatest impact on pupil learning.

My teaching groups represent a diverse range of abilities and needs including English as an additional language (EAL), disabilities, or academic talent. Differentiation is synonymous with the umbrella term ‘personalised strategies for learning’ and encompasses Assessment for Learning (AFL) and inclusion. Convery and Coyle (1993) demonstrate the significance of differentiation as ‘the entitlement of every learner to have his/her individual needs and abilities catered for, and the teacher’s responsibility to find effective ways of managing those needs … matching them to appropriate teaching and learning styles.’ However within the current education system, individualised learning for all in a class of 30 pupils is compounded by inadequate behaviour for learning and constrained resources.

Professional development

My initial perception of...
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