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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Nowadays a lot of young people prefer studying abroad, especially in UK. International students have a lot of problems they have to face when they come to a new country, such as problems with accommodation,transportation and culture shock etc. So its important for students to find ways to help themselves overcome these problems.

The first main problem this essay will discuss is culture shock. Many students suffer from home sickness: they miss their family and friends back home. This problem could be solved if students use social networks like facebook to communicate or skype, to stay in touch with friends or see them in video calling. Secondly problem is bad weather which could cause serious illness. Like if its really cold then students should wear warm clothes and get themselves registered with a hospital so they can get a check up done incase they fall sick. Its also very difficult to communicate with other people if the language they speak is different. Thus students should join student communities or enroll in language classes to make new friends and improve their language skills.

All international students need to keep a look out for a place to stay when they arrive in the UK. Students need to find suitable rooms which are nearby their university and see if its in their budget to pay its rent. Even still there could be a possibility of having bad neighbors to deal with. So the best option available for students would be to book a room in university halls to make friends easily, access free buses to university and as its cheaper than the rest of accommodations.

Transportation is another issue for international students coming to UK. Public transport is very expensive and taxis are even more costly for students to use. So students should get special student travel cards to avail discounts on their journeys. Its really a big problem for students to get visa for UK aswell which is why students should be careful about sending their passports and...
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