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  • Published : January 4, 2011
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➢ Plato was born in Athens in 428/27 BCE, one year after death of Pericles.

➢ His father traced his lineage to the old kings of Athens and before them to the god Posiedon.

➢ His, mother Perictione, was the sister of Chramides and the cousin of Critias.

➢ In such a family atmosphere, Plato learned much about public life and developed at an early age a sense of responsibility for public political service.

➢ Around 387 BCE, when he was about 40 yrs. Old, Plato founded the Academy at Athens.


• The Cave

• The Dividend Line

➢ Plato provides more detail about levels of knowledge that we can obtain

➢ These objects and their parallel types of thought can be diagram as follows:

Types of

Objects y Thought

|The Good, Forms |Intelligence | |Mathematical |Thinking | |Objects | | |Things |Belief | |Images |Imagining |


➢ The most superficial form of mental activity is found at the lowest level of the line.

➢ The three levels of reality here are, then

1. The form of Humanness

2. The embodiment of this Form in Socrates

3. The image of Socrates as represented on canvass

➢ The next stage after imagining is belief.
➢ It may strike us as strange that Plato should use the word believing instead of knowing to describe the state of mind induced by seeing actual objects.

➢ When we move from believing to thinking, we move from the visible world to the intelligible world and from the realm of opinion to the realm of knowledge

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