Uitm Kota Bharu Campus Students’ Lifestyle

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Student Pages: 22 (5807 words) Published: November 14, 2012

11 JUNE 2012


Prepared for
Puan Wan Nazihah Bt. Wan Mohamed
Report Writing (BEL 422)
UiTM Kota Bharu Campus

Prepared by
Siti Nabilah Syuhada Abdullah
Nur Khalidah Khalilah Bt. Kamarudin
Atikah Ilyani Bt. Che Mohammad Nordin
Munirah Sakinah Bt. Zainal Abidin

11 JUNE 2012

Executive Summary

While time spent at college is a fond memory and a happy experience for most, college life is not without its rough patches and problems. Each person problems unique to their current circumstances, there are a few problems that almost all college students deal with at least once during their time at school. On the 12th March 2012, Siti Nabilah Syuhada Bt. Abdullah, Nur Khalidah Khalilah Bt. Kamarudin, Atikah Ilyani Bt. Che Mohammad Nordin, and Munirah Sakinah Bt. Zainal Abidin from The faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, UiTM Kota Bharu, Kelantan were instructed by Puan Wan Nazihah BT. Wan Mohamed to write up a report on UiTM Kota Bharu Campus Students’ Lifestyle. The report includes background information, findings, conclusions as well as recommendations. The survey generally showed that UiTM Kota Bharu Campus students practice poor sleeping habits and do not know how to spend their free time. On the other hand, they do practice a balanced diet and are aware of how to manage their money.


We would like to express our personal gratitude to our Report Writing Subject (BELL422) lecturer Puan Wan Nazihah BT. Wan Mohamed, especially for the support and guidance throughout the course of writing this report. We also wish to thank all our respondents who wholeheartedly helped us by responding to our questionnaires. With the help of many other as well, we have finally able to finish the report in 4 months time. To all of those involved either directly or indirectly, we wish to thank all of you sincerely. Without their valuable feedback and cooperation, this report would not have achieved its objectives.

List of Illustrations
List of Figures

Figure 1 Time Students Go to Sleep6
Figure 2Time Taken For Student’s to Fall Asleep7
Figure 3Students’ Quality of Sleep8
Figure 4Students’ Total Hours of Sleep Time9
Figure 5Student’s Waking up Time10
Figure 6Morning Tiredness11
Figure 7Total Number of Hours Students Spend on Watching Television13 Figure 8Students’ Leisure Time Management14
Figure 9Student’s Online Frequency15
Figure 10 Students’ agreement with the statement16
Figure 11 The student's knowledge on how to manage money17 Figure 12 Students’ Expenses in a Week18
Figure 13 Students’ Shopping frequency19
Figure 14 Compulsive Buying among Students20
Figure 15 Students’ Expenditure Priorities21
Figure 16 Students’ Constraint Level While Shopping22 Figure 17 Students’ Expenditure on Food23
Figure 18 Students Meals per Day23
Figure 19 Students’ Junk Food Consumption24
Figure 20 Balanced Diet Among Students’25
Figure 21 Students’ Water Intake26
Figure 22 Students Awareness about Balanced Diet26
Figure 24 Respondents’ Gender27
Figure 23 Respondents' Age Range27
Figure 25 Respondents’ Education Background28
Figure 26 Respondents’ Financial Resources28

List of Tables

Table 1Students’ Time Management During Weekends12


Executive Summaryii
List of Illustrationiv
2.1Background Information1
2.2Problem Statement2
3.2Data Collection5
3.3Data Analysis5
4.1Section A: UiTM Kota Bharu Campus Students’ Sleeping Habits6 4.2Section B:The...
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