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Nestle SA , the world’s leading food manufacturer and the market leader in both coffee and mineral water, produces a wind range of products including prepared dishes and cooking aids, milk-based products, cereals, instant coffee, pharmaceuticals and baby foods. Nestle SA is a publicly owned company, with subsidiaries across the world. It website addresses in 104 countries. It is also the world largest food and beverage company with $71 billion in annual sales and almost 230,000 employees around the world. It markets some 8000 brands that include instant coffee. Remarkably, its products are sold in every country in the world, including in North Korea. Nestle coat of arms, the bird’s nest, which refers to his name, has become a symbol for the products being a safe care for their consumer product safety and quality. Research and development based innovation capacity and strong brands are priority for Nestle

Nestlé in Malaysia
Nestlé's commitment to providing quality products to Malaysians dates back almost 100 years ago. Nestlé began in Malaysia in 1912 as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in Penang and later, growth and expansion made a move to Kuala Lumpur necessary in 1939.Since 1962, with its first factory in Petaling Jaya, Nestlé Malaysia now manufactures its products in 7 factories and operates from its head office in Mutiara Damansara. The Company was publicly listed on the KLSE now known as Bursa Malaysia Berhad on 13 December, 1989. Today, the Company employs more than 5000 people and manufactures as well as markets more than 300 Halal products in Malaysia. Its brand name such has MILO®, NESCAFÉ®, MAGGI®, NESPRAY® and KIT KAT® have become trusted household names and enjoyed for generations.

Profile MD

Peter R. Vogt, Managing Director of Nestlé Malaysia.
Peter R.Vogt 
Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad
Mr. Peter R. Vogt, a Swiss National, has been the Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Regional Head of Nestlé Malaysia/Singapore since 16 September 2009. A graduate in Accounting & Finance of Switzerland’s University St. Gallen, Mr. Vogt has over 30 years of management experience with Nestlé worldwide, the majority of which was in Asia including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. During his last posting to Malaysia, he was Head of the Sales and Marketing Division of Nestlé Malaysia, a position he held from 1990 to 1994. From 1996 to 2005, Mr. Vogt was heading various European Nestlé operations in Switzerland, Scandinavia and Germany before returning to Asia as CEO of Nestlé Indonesia from 2005 to 2009. He is married with two children. Mr. Vogt is President of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI), sits on the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Council and is a member of the Swiss-Malaysian Business Association.

Target Market nestle is for Male and Female. Have many brands and products to meat the taste of each type of consumers. Have high allocation of advertising budget for endorser contract, TVC, print ads, and sponsorship activities. Have top endorsers who have a good image in the soap industry.


Is a milk beverage with chocolate and malt, produced by Nestlé and originating from Australia. It was developed by Thomas Maynein 1934.Milo is added to hot or cold milk to give it a malted chocolate flavour and extra texture. When combined with cold milk, it retains the gritty texture of its raw state. Milo can be stirred into steamed milk or hot water to create something similar to hot chocolate or cocoa. Sugar can be added to the Milo beverage, but many people enjoy it without the addition of sweeteners, appreciating it for its subtle chocolate flavour. Another possible use is making a normal cup of cold Milo and microwaving it for approximately 40–60seconds. This gives the Milo drink a biscuit cover on...
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