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Unit 1: Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of responsibility Unit code: B1
Unit reference number: Y/600/9588
QCF level: 5
Credit value: 6
Guided learning hours: 25

Unit summary
This unit helps learners to develop, implement, monitor and review operational plans for own area of responsibility.

Assessment requirements/evidence requirements
Assessment must be carried out in way that is consistent with the requirements outlined in Annexe D: Assessment Strategy. To pass the unit, learners must meet all of the assessment criteria.

Assessment methodology
This unit is assessed using evidence from the workplace, i.e. observable performance, physical products of work (such as reports, plans, correspondence etc), witness testimony, discussion and questioning etc. Simulation is not allowed.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria
NoLearning outcomesAssessments
Evidence typePortfolioDate
Be able to align objectives of own area of responsibility with those of own organisation.1.1 Identify operational objectives within own area of responsibility.
PPC work plan
Activity sheetsRef 2 App A + B4/3/13
1.2 Analyse objectives of own area of responsibility in relation to those of own organisation

Be able to implement
operational plans in own area of responsibility2.1 Assess risks associated with operational plans and include contingency arrangements

2.2 Identify support from relevant stakeholders

2.3 Implement operational plan within own area of responsibility

Be able to monitor and
evaluate operational plans in own area of
responsibility3.1 Monitor procedures within the operational plan

3.2 Evaluate operational plans and implement any necessary actions.
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