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| Define local culture and popular culture. In what ways do local and popular culture interact? Think of local culture and popular as “ends of a continuum” and attempt to identify aspects of your locality which exemplify points along the continuum.|

2.| Think of your favorite local bands. In what ways do the music, attitudes, styles, and lyrical references of the band reflect local culture? In what ways does the band attempt to reterritorialize popular culture in the local context?|

3.| What is an ethnic neighborhood? Choose an example of an ethnic neighborhood and describe the traditions, customs and traits that set the ethnic group and its neighborhood apart from the popular culture. What are some of the internal and external threats to the local culture of the ethnic neighborhood you have chosen?|

4.| Think of the cultural landscape of the city or town where you live. Give examples of each of the three dimensions of cultural landscape convergence (1. globalized architectural forms and planning ideas; 2. widespread businesses (McDonald's) and products; 3. wholesale borrowing of idealized landscape images) operative in the landscape of your community. What attempts are being made to preserve local cultural landscape features against the encroachment of “placelessness”?|

5.| What technological advances have led to time-space compression and the associated rapidity of diffusion of change in the global system? Give examples of some of the benefits and of the liabilities of time-space compression. |

6.| Hutterites differ from the Amish in that they A.| reject modern technology.| B.| accept modern technology.|
C.| are Anabaptist.|
D.| live in Pennsylvania.|

7.| The only Old Order Anabaptist group who live communally rather than in family farmsteads are the A.| Hutterites| B.| Brethren.|
C.| Mennonites.|
D.| Amish.|

8.| Reflecting its origins and cultural tradition, Hutterite leaders speak A.| American English.| B.| rarely and never to outsiders.|
C.| Archaic German.|
D.| the Amish dialect of French.|

9.| Over 425 Hutterite communities exist in each of the following states and provinces except: A.| North Dakota.| B.| Alberta.|
C.| Montana.|
D.| Saskatchewan|
E.| Arkansas|

10.| ________________ culture is conceived as small, incorporating a homogeneous population, typically rural and cohesive in cultural traits. A.| Material| B.| Popular|
C.| Folk|
D.| Local|

11.| Which is an example of a non-material aspect of culture? A.| church building| B.| religious decoration|
C.| burning of incense|
D.| an altar|

12.| A group of people in a particular place who see themselves as a community and who share experience, customs, and traits are referred to as a A.| local culture.| B.| popular culture.|
C.| folk.|
D.| material cultural group.|

13.| In terms of popular culture, cities like Paris, New York, and Milan are referred to as A.| capitals.| B.| local cultures.|
C.| world cities.|
D.| hearths.|

14.| The fact that trends in popular culture (e.g. fashion) proceed from large global centers (Milan, Paris, New York) through a series of progressively smaller cities is an example of A.| diffusion.| B.| migration.|

C.| hierarchical diffusion.|
D.| relative location.|

15.| The changes in local culture brought about by the onslaught of popular culture tend to disrupt __________. A.| population| B.| economics|
C.| transport connections|
D.| customs|

16.| Government efforts to discourage native practice and languages in the United States and Canada were attempts to _____________ native groups. A.| segregate| B.| protect|
C.| eradicate|
D.| assimilate|

17.| Efforts to conserve local cultures often focus on the local ____________. A.| landmarks| B.| boundaries|
C.| mobility...
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