Uhf Radio and Pc Interace

Topics: Internet, Instant messaging, Transceiver Pages: 5 (980 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Romblon State College
Odiongan, Romblon
Integrated Research, Extension and Development


1. Proponents:Department of Computer Studies Faculty

2. Implementing Agency:
Odiongan, Romblon

3. Project Duration:
6 Months

4. Project Location:
Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines

5. Total Budget:P124,890.00

1. Rationale
At the dawn of a new millennium, it is like the world has suddenly decided to change its way to communicate. Indeed, in a world of constant evolution, wired connections looked restricting and cumbersome. Wireless network solutions offer to all computer users in the widest meanings the freedom to be productive from any roaming location, and no more only from inside the computer room, their office or the ham shack. With the evolution of instant messaging softwares and the proliferation of the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), communication from one point to any point of the world became cheaper and is still dropping as the technology advances. VoIP has made significant advances in the communication arena. It has become widely accepted as a new source of communication among network users. A computer which utilizes Broad Band Service, DSL, or Cable Internet will be able to engage in PC-to-PC phone calls anywhere in the world for free. The greatest advantage in using VoIP is the mobility factor. You can make and receive phone calls wherever there is an internet connection, simply by signing in to your VoIP account. While mobility factor is a real advantage of VoIP that someone can make a call from any part of the world provided internet connection is available, a user has still got to be in front of a computer to make or receive a call. Some instant messaging software and voice chatting program tie up with large telecommunication company, that if a user is offline the call can be forwarded to his mobile phone. But this is no longer free, because a third party Telecom Company is already involved in the process. The joy of making and receiving calls, free of charge is one of the greatest benefits VoIP technology has to offer. But missing an important call because your VoIP account is offline is a major drawback of the technology. Overcoming the restriction of being in front of the computer while making a call, is a real plus for the enhancement of the VoIP mobility. Utilizing the ham radio transceiver can be a key “support player” in this context. Creating a cost effective technology that can establish an “always on” communication system. Connecting a computer to a radio transceiver can forward call without the help of third party telecom. A special interface device can be connected between the PC and radio transceiver converting all communication stream passing through the radio (RF Signal) to a universal language of digital communications, the Internet Protocol (IP). This interface device acts as a gateway between the radio transceiver and the computer.

The “Design and Construction of a Radio Transceiver and Computer Interface” aims to build a device that will be able to connect an internet call to a ham radio transceiver.

Statement of the Problem
The major problem with the existing Instant Messaging Software is that call can only be made when you are in front of a PC, or call can be forwarded through a third party Telecom Company. It still need the presence of the user in order to make a call or receive a call

For these reasons, the researchers were encourage towards the conceptualization of the “Design and Construction of a Radio Transceiver and Computer Interface” a research that aims to connect an instant messaging...
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