Ugly Betty

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“Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself. Many men use but one or two faculties out of the score with w hich they are endowed. A man is educated, who knows how to make a tool of every faculty-how to open it, how to keep it sharp and how to apply it to all practical purposes.”

H. W. Beecher
Change is permanent. The key to our survival in this permanently changing world is adapting to newer circumstances. The fi ttest are the ones who do so with required panache and ease. In accordance with this universal tradition of change, the system of education too is constantly amending and altering itself. Varied perspectives, new theories, newer experimentations and method ologies are together widening the scope of education to limits unheard and un-thought of before. At Delhi Public School, it is our sincere effort to be concurrent with such changes and reforms in the field of education and simultaneously apprise our partners for a noble cause that is the parents and guardians, of the same in the best possible way. The CDLO Manual is such an endeavour, a hurried graze or a patient study of which, will provide them with the purpose, means and end to the kind of holistic education that we envisage for our students.



Academic Plan 2011-12

Purpose of CDLO
The document provides comprehensive information not only about syllabus to be covered and assessment details but also about p rojects, activities and also about the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation. Besides it also sets targets regarding the outcome of learning effecting from a concerted teacher -student-parent partnership.

Navigating the CDLO

CD-stands for Course Description which covers topics and sub topics to be taught. LO- stands for Learning Outcome. This denotes areas of students‘ understanding and consequently acquiring specific skills. Activities - We do and we learn goes the saying. This emphasises on the importance given to ‗hands on learning ‗abilities. Activities specified are of three types: (a) Class activity (b) Lab activity (c) Home/outside school or class activity. No. of periods allotted—A pointer to the time period required for a particular topic, ensuring that learning is crisp and clear. Weekly/Summative Assessment – The plan of a regular and systematic means to evaluate student learning Formative Assessment --- An important aspect of CCE based on classroom interactions, projects and personality attributes. SCM - Study Course Materials prepared after exhaustive research, provide additional information regarding the topic and also ease out the revision process.

Co –Scholastics: Igniting the young minds

L&TS – The importance of this field is utmost as these skills help prepare the young minds to cope with situati ons, adverse and favourable and enhance their ability to think and judge critically and act accordingly.

H&PE – Health & Physical Education --An integral part of the CCE system which lays emphasis on sports ,games and physical culture as a stepping stone to building a healthy mind in a healthy body apart from training young learners to be skilled professionals in the field. PERFORMING ARTS – When the seeds of aesthetics are sown in the young hearts, who knows if the latent talent that we discover will not be a Jamini Roy, a Pandit Bhimsen Joshi or perhaps a Habib Tanvir? DPS endeavours to provide some basic opportunities to students.

Cognitive Skills Development and Evaluation
The greatest strength of Bloom‘s Taxonomy is that it has taken the very importan t topic of thinking and placed a structure around it that is usable by practitioners. Those teachers who keep a list of question prompts relating to the various levels of Bloom‘s Taxonomy undoubtedly do a better job of encouraging higher-order thinking in their students than those who have no such tool....
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