Ugc Based Travel Show

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Travelling is something that interests a lot of people. This factor ha surely affected the television watching habits of people. The increasing number of travel and lifestyle channels as well as television shows that are related to travel on various channels is a sure proof to this fact. Television shows are the major channel that delivers people what they have in mind about a luxurious travel destination. Indian television broadcasts channels like TRAVEL AND LIVING CHANNEL, FOX TRAVELER, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, NDTV GOODTIMES, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, BBC WORLD and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC etc. that airs shows about travel destinations around the globe on a full-time basis while major players in regional languages also have many travel shows that interest people with travel. Television ratings show that these channels and television shows have very high ratings. There are many places that are remotely located but have great scenic value or other such potential to be accepted as a place of tourist interest. These places could be explored through television shows that share images or videos of such places. But it is not always necessary that television can reach such places by itself. Viewer’s interaction becomes a critical factor in exposing such places to lesser knowing outer world. Travel shows are high on gaining popularity in Indian television. The huge amounts of ad-money that are being poured in into these channels are sure enough to prove that they have huge viewership base. As with expanding this viewership base these channels surely did enter the digitization movement and after going digital through satellite transmission and DTH, they have got the push by bringing in regional language option on all DTH carrier. Major channels like the Discovery Channel launched the Bangla and Telugu language feeds along with the already existing Hindi feed while TLC channel started with their Hindi feed. Geographic Channel went on to start channel feeds in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. These channels have realized that they have a major target audience among the regional language speaking population in the country. This sure did reflect on the channel’s viewership share. Discovery maintained its lead among the infotainment channels. According to Tam data (C&S 15+, All India), it had a share of 53 per cent in 2011, though it fell to 49 per cent in the second half of the year from 57 per cent in the first half. In 2010, Discovery had a share of 57 per cent. Arch-rival NGC is behind with a share of 25 per cent, slightly up from 23 per cent in the earlier year. Animal Planet’s share has gone down a bit from 18.3 per cent to 15 per cent, while new entrant History TV18 has a share of 9.9 per cent. * Travel shows have also rediscovered itself over the years. What travel and tourism shows on television could not do earlier, now they stand for it. Viewers of such shows are willing to go to destinations showcased on shows and this has in turn increased revenue for destinations that solely are based on tourism. This has happened mainly because the youth who watch travel shows on television channels are much more willing to visit the places that have been less explored previously. Travel shows like ‘Freaky Traveller’ or ‘Twist of Taste with Vineet Bhatia’ aired on FOX TRAVELLER are shows that deal more with the intrinsic, less known part of the country. BBC WORLD has also come up with a similar show that tries to capture the real essence of rural India named as The Real Indian Travel Show’. Regional channels like Asianet, Kairali, Surya TV for Malayalam film industry, Sun TV for Tamil Industry, Gemini for Telugu Industry and Suvarna and Udaya TV for Kannada Industry have also understood the scope for travel and tourism based television shows. These channels have also started up with travel shows that are based on food, cultures and...
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