Topics: HIV, AIDS, Antiretroviral drug Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: November 20, 2012
1. What is the nature of OpenMRS and why was it developed?  Why were US universities, US National Institute of Health (NIH) and US donors involved in developing this system? 2. What were the impacts of using OpenMRS in ISS Clinic?    How did the healthcare system improve? 3. What were the problems encountered in using OpenMRS?  Discuss the battle of forms and why there were disagreements about what forms to use.  Make a distinction between research vs. clinical objectives, US researcher vs. local objectives. 4. Why the OpenMRS project is in danger of failure?  Why did the clinicians at ISS clinic say that “we didn’t ask for it. It is your problem”?  Why MOH and US researchers are at odds about the value of OpenMRS?  5. What can be learned from this experience when implementing IT projects in developing countries?  Do culture and world politics have a role?  Why? 1. The OpenMRS is an electronic medical record system (EMRS) that was developed to track of patients medical records across a variety of different countries to be used in different types of clinics. Having the software as open source also meant that the source code could be assessed by anyone and customized to fit their particular need. In the ISS Clinic in Uganda it was used for patients being treated for HIV/AIDS. The system was developed to replace paper records which would make the work of researchers and clinic workers easier. The EMRs was used to track patient progress and track the inventory of antiretroviral drugs. US donors were most interested in the system as it made the retrieving information on patients that is needed for their research on AIDS, antiretroviral treatment, and other disease research much more accessible. 2. The impact of using OpenMRS was that it had greater storage capacity than Microsoft excel and it could be customized for their own particular use. Using the new system clinicians were able to able spend less time reviewing patient data and more...
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