Ufo Evidence

Topics: Planet, Earth, Extraterrestrial life Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: April 9, 2013
About 6% of people have reported one or more UFO sightings. That translates to about 60,000 people per million. I will use this statistic to help prove my point that aliens do exist. In this speech I will convince you to believe this point by introducing to you all the government cover-ups, statistics, and facts that show we are not alone. I will first be discussing Government cover-ups. For obvious reasons, the government and the intelligence agencies must maintain a certain amount of secrecy. The decision where to draw the line between a citizen's right to know and the government's right to secrecy for security reasons must be made by appropriate members of the society. This issue has become the focus of much attention today and is especially relevant to an ongoing discussion, both inside and outside Congress, regarding UFO phenomena. There have been reports of “Missing” evidence throughout history. For example, In 1976, 200 cases of UFO sightings were studied by theU.S. Air Force. This study was called “project sign”. The Air Force concluded, in a top secret evaluation, that the “UFOs were almost certainly interplanetary craft”. But when this document was given to chief of staff, he ordered all copies of the document to be destroyed. Stating that “Such a conclusion would bring widespread chaos”. The Air Force then wrote another evaluation drawing No Conclusions, this report was then accepted but still kept at top secret. In 1985 “Project Sign” was renamed “Project Grudge” which was assigned to explain all UFO sightings, but stil 23% of them could not be explained. A final report chalked up these remaining unknown sightings to be “Psychological Explainations”. The first official declaration, basically saying, people who see UFOs are crazy and this is part of government cover-up and secrecy. However statistics and stories prove otherwise including the famous case of Travis Walton which inspired the movie “Fire in the Sky.” When we take a look at the statistics...
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