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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a great sport for fighters.2 The UFC is a great sport for the fighters
In one corner is a man whom looks like the hulk, the other King Kong. Both in the octagon cage for one reason, to beat the other and win money. Ignoring the screaming crowd, they focus only on victory. The bell is rung and the first round begins. Months of hard work and training are about to show in three five minute rounds. The UFC is a great sport for players because they get and stay in shape, make lots of money, and also have a good positive mind frame.

The fighters in the UFC are constantly in the gym getting and keeping in shape for their next fight. The UFC is made up of many different styles of mixed martial arts and each fighter has to know some to ensure they can win against their opponent. Long, hard, exhausting training hours are performed every week to ensure this. They also do this so they can keep up with their weight requirements and stay in there classified weight classes. Weight classes are important because it makes each fight fair.

Also each fighter wins money from every fight. It’s just wither they have won or lost that determines their total amount. Players also get free merchandise from their sponsors such as energy drinks, clothing, and even vehicles. Not only do they get lots of free stuff and make quite a lot of money they also get to write a lot off at tax time such as travel, food, and training expenses because they are all considered part of their business.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a great sport for fighters.3 Additionally on top of all these good things the UFC gives the players it also gives them a good positive mind frame. Each player believes they are always going to win, and they are invincible. They are always trying to improve their skills and learn a lot more fighting styles. Whenever a fight is lost the player does not get upset, he just trains harder, longer, and improves for the...
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