Ufc Brand Foundation

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January 5, 2012

Brand Vision:
Our brand vision is to move into international markets. Fighting is a universal sport, everyone understands it, and the UFC focuses their strategy on how they can replicate their success in different cultures. The goal is to localize the UFC as much as possible. We recognize that the product must be tweaked a little bit for each delivery. We have offices all over the world to understand each individual market.

Brand Definition:
UFC is the undisputed champ of the mixed martial arts world. According to Forbes, UFC is likely to generate $250 million this year, about 90 percent of all mixed martial arts revenue. The matches often sell out venues, such as the 13,300-capacity MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, at an average ticket price topping $250. Three of our cable shows – The Ultimate Fighter, UFC Fight Night and UFC Unleashed – are staples on Spike TV and Fox Network.

We offer the highest level of product in the marketplace with the best fighters, venues and merchandise products.

SWOT Analysis:

* A strong brand - essential strength of UFC as it is recognized and respected * UFC’s position in the market is high and strong – a major strength in this industry as they are ahead of many rivals * The online presence of UFC is strong, meaning it is ahead of many competitors * Social Media Optimization – UFC is everywhere online, fans are able to connect at any time through many different social media channels * Dana White, President – took UFC to the next level using his marketing and business skills Weaknesses:

* UFC’s lack of patents/proprietary technology puts it behind its rivals and is deemed as one of their weaknesses. Opportunities:
* The changes in the way consumers spend and what they buy provides a big opportunity for UFC to explore. * New market opportunities could be a way to push UFC forward. * Forming strategic alliances and joint ventures is an opportunity for UFC to...
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