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Topics: Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary I of England, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 2, 2009
Elizabeth Essay

Queen Elizabeth’s Letter’s

In the letter, A Letter to Sir Amyas Paulet, Queen Elizabeth is thanking Amyas Paulet for his duties. She is thanking him for being “her most careful and faithful servant” for his “kindly, besides dutifully…double labors and faithful actions, wise orders and safe regards preformed” (360). Paulet, served as Mary, Queen of Scot’s, responsible office of keeper. Mary was Elizabeth’s prisoner at Tatbury. Before Paulet was in charge of Mary, Sir Ralph Sadler had been given the duty, and Lord St. John of Bletsoe had been, in the first instance, invited to alleviate Sadler. Paulet was ordered to treat his prisoner with far greater severity than Sadler had employed. Her correspondence was to be more carefully inspected; her opportunities of the act of giving, were to undergo limitation; she was to be kept in greater privacy and less regard was to be paid to her claims to maintain in her household the social acceptable behavior’s of a court. Queen Mary did not like the choice of Paulet, so she protested against it; she feared his Puritanism and urged that while in Paris he had shown marked aggressiveness to her advocates there. Elizabeth replied in the letter that he had done his duty. In the 2nd half of this letter Elizabeth talks about how she saved Mary for a long time before she executed her. I think she is asking for repentance for the death of Mary. She says, “Let your wicked mistress know how, with hearty sorrow, her vile deserts compels these orders; and bid her, from me, ask God forgiveness for her treacherous dealing towards the saver of her life many years, to the intolerable peril of her own” (360). She is saying how she has saved Mary for many years, but it finally has come to an end, and that she/Elizabeth is really “the saver of her life many years.”

In the letters That Queen Elizabeth I wrote, to both Amyas Paulet and to King Henry III, we see as the reader, that she writes using her language...
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