Uc Application Essay Prompt #2

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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College Application Essay Prompt #2
Vigorously shaking, profusely sweating, and nervously _____– I could barely grasp the note cards in my hands while 30 sets of eyes were glued on me. Preparing to do the unthinkable – speak in front of a crowd of judgmental peers – I constantly doubted myself, bringing my self-confidence down to its all-time low in a matter of seconds. As nine years of skills learned through speech impairment classes suddenly vanished, the teacher announced my name, signaling that it was my turn to deliver a speech that I would have to pass in order to graduate high school. I managed to introduce myself without stuttering, but when my confidence began to rise, so did the students’ chuckles. With a shaky voice, I continued my speech. Stuttering on every other word, I couldn’t help but see my peers – some I even considered friends – covering their mouths, trying to hold back the laughter, and I knew that in their minds, they were making fun of me. I finally finished my speech and quietly sat down. Choking back tears, I anxiously waited for the bell to ring. As soon as it rang, I ran to the girls bathroom with tears rolling down my cheeks and sweat stains showing through my shirt. How could I embarrass myself that badly? Did people really make fun of me that much? Did I even pass my speech? Unable to think straight, I decided to go to the library rather than face my so-called friends. The next day, however, I was forced to confront them, and of course, they made fun of me and I laughed it off as if it was no big deal. From then on, I swore that I would never embarrass myself like that again. That night, I searched through my room to find my speech impairment notes, and immediately started studying them. Of course, it was not an overnight task in overcoming my fear. I endured many other speeches, kids constantly making fun of me, and even teachers commenting on my stuttering. It took a few more tears, a lot of deoderant, and continuous practice...
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