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Norman, Tiffany
Ubuntu Poetry Slam Fest

The Poetry Club had its first Ubuntu Poetry Slam on November 15th in Douglass basement. The word “Ubuntu” is an African Proverb that means, “I am what I am because of who we all are” and last week 8 of Wooster’s finest poets wowed the audience, “you didn’t really hear what they were saying but you felt it because it was so powerful, it was absolutely beautiful to be there and really inspiring”, Brittany House, a Wooster student explains. Guest host, Austin Benn Bronx used his sense of humor to relax the audience and even showed them his creativity by playing his guitar and speaking in a poetic fashion,“ He made the atmosphere really welcoming to people who went to a poetry slam for the first time”, Juan Wynn Jr, another college student stated.

In the end, the judges titled Ciara Lee as the winner of the competition and she won a prize of $50 after beating all three rounds of the competition. During our interview, she gave a few words of wisdom, “You compete to have fun and you compete to tell the truth. And be a beacon of wherever you’re coming from”, she was also excited about the opportunities Wooster was giving students on campus, “ I’m glad that Wooster got to see the environment that I flourish in which is an environment where art is being made live”. Like Ciara, other students enjoyed the Poetry Slam and are waiting for the Spring fest coming up next.

Caira Lee
Tiffany: What inspired you to become a poet?
Caira: It was not that I was inspired to become a poet, I was always a poet and people inspired me to keep going. I aspired to go an International Youth Poetry Slam Festival called Brand New Voices and I knew that in order to get there I would have to be on a slam poetry team, and in order to get on the poetry slam team I knew that I had to write poems and memorize them if______ So that was motivation but I knew that I was going to be a poet regardless. Tiffany: So what...
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