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Topics: United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Saudi Arabia Pages: 9 (2626 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Final Project

Presented to : Dr. Heba el Mehelmy

Prepared by : Adham Oraby
Shahine Galal
Ahmed sherine

Table of content:


2-Analyze the structural and contextual dimension

3-Mechanistic or Organic

4-Domain and Sectors

5-Level of uncertainty

6-Organization technology

7-The workflow interdependence

8- The Organizational life cycle

The history of the united Arab shipping company has been built on securing the transportation of goods and providing the best customer relationship. The vision of “Linking the Middle East to the World” began in 1976, when UASC was formed jointly between the Kingdom of Bahrain, Republic of Iraq, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Kuwait till the early 2000 with a Corporate Office in the UAE , serving Asia from Singapore, Europe from London, the Middle East from Dubai and North America from Cranford, New Jersey. After more than 36 years of reliable service, UASC has earned its name as a market leader by being one of the most prominent carriers both in terms of liner cargo as well as port coverage. UASC having several products and services such as » Service routes, containers, vessels, Dry cargo, Refrigerated cargo» Business diversification:

UASC has successfully diversified through its subsidiaries and joint ventures to provide a range of shipping related services, which include: - Shipping agencies- Freight forwarding- Land transportation- Sea/air cargo - Petrochemical transportation- Chartering- Container repairs- Ship repairs-Storage UASC recognizes the need for clients to make electronic cargo bookings, track and trace their shipments and eventually also receive electronic bills of lading. The Vision:

Building on our commitment to outstanding customer service quality and the ambition to maintain a comprehensive, fast, and reliable shipping service, UASC strives to achieve its vision of “Linking the Middle East to the World” as a secure and efficient shipping services provider. The Mission:

At UASC, we believe in long-term growth plans that optimize efficiency, security, capacity, quality, and service. No matter what the circumstances, we do our best to satisfy our customers and reach our targets. UASC shall be the Shipping Line of choice serving the Middle East and complementary Trade Lanes by: - Delivering client satisfaction through outstanding customer relationship and quality service - Providing a comprehensive, reliable and fast shipping network UASC shall be profitable:

- To maximize return on investment and to allow for growth
UASC shall be an employer of choice attracting, developing and retaining the right talent: - In the industry at large, also providing opportunities for qualified nationals from the Shareholding States UASC shall be the Partner of choice:

- To other Industry participants
- To its vendors and agents

UASC shall promote safety, security and environmental protection both at sea and ashore 2 -Analyze Structural and Contextual Dimensions:
First: The Structural Dimension:
UASC makes most of its work via mails or on the computer system ,it still not dealing with written documents except for a small number of tasks , for example when dealing with (AL DEKHILA PORT) the company may send someone to make the contract and apply all of the rules that was mentioned for him to make . Also having written documents or paper work for only any related problems facing the company other than that will be on the computer system of the company like the integrated liner management software. UASC has been continuously investing extensive efforts in optimizing and developing its operational systems and strengthening the company’s information infrastructure. In that respect, TRUST the Integrated Liner...
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