Uae: Globalization and National Identity

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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By: Hamad Alneyadi

1.0 Introduction
Any identity is exposed to threats that are capable of changing it. This report will specify what creates an identity, and how it is exposed to the those specific threats. It will also offer recommendations for things that can be done to overcome those threats. This report is also going to compare the Emirati and the Japanese identity in the situation of globalization. It will also clarify the definition of a nation.

2.1 Definitions
2.1.1 Nation
A nation is a definite community of people. It must be consisted of several---stabilized groups---tribes. It is necessary to have all the important features in order to form a nation; common language, a common economic life and psychological make-up. Applying these terms to the UAE
The question is “Are these features applied in the UAE?” The UAE will never constitute a nation as long as it lacks common language between the groups living within it. The common economic life might be an issue as well in the UAE. So in Stalin's view, it is not viable that the UAE constitutes a nation. Based upon a survey, the majority of people believe that the UAE is a nation but 40% said that the UAE is either not a nation or they are unsure. So the majority is not as big as expected.

2.1.2 Emirati identity
The Emirati identity contains many features that specializes it from other identities. The Emirati community also contains a number of certain tribes that has common traditions, cultures and language. What represents Emiratis mostly is the way they dress. Another feature which the Emirati identity is based on is the accent. These are the main features that distinguishes the Emirati identity from other identities.

2.1.3 Japanese identity
The history of Japan goes a long way back which grew the idea of the purity of blood and race in the minds of the Japanese people. This distinctive idea is the major feature that represents pride in Japan. This makes it...
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