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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Saeed Al romithiID:201018469

The UAE is one of the fastest country in the world which made a lot of changes like constructions and technology ect. In the past half century UAE was filled with sand and not have much changed since the discovery of oil was found in the lands. Oil has changed the UAE from a sand field to one of the iconic cities in the world. Although, Changes aren’t bad in every scenario.

Oil that made the UAE one of the richest countries in the world has also corrupted it; one of the corruptions is weather. The UAE is now growing really fast with their construction that has affected the environment. In the early days the UAE was one of the cleanest countries in the world. The sand color was as clean as red and the cool breeze from the seas have cooled the country peoples for decades. Through these best memorable moments most of the cities in the UAE now suffer with bad atmosphere from the cities vehicle as well as the blocked building that are blocking the cool wind from the sea. Therefore, Oil was not permanently bad for the country some good have came out of it.

Energy source was a major priority for every country and the UAE was one of the most countries that have that energy source. In the old days our energy source was drawn from human power and we had only camels plus ships for transportation and they didn’t seem sufficient. With the population growing every year we needed to use our gift (crude oil) to our advantage and we did. We were introduced with new transportation technology like airplanes and trains from Europe and America that we made a deal with. To exchange our oil with there technology was our agreement. Furthermore, These new ways of transportations has helped us sincerely in the future. We now have enough food that can manage our country food supplies with this great new way of transportation.

In conclusion we can say that oil has made many changes. Some are bad which have corrupted the environment...
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