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u05a1 – Architectural Styles

Dr. Keith Morneau

Marion Pope

May 12, 2013
Architectural Styles

1. For Fantasy Games scenario (or your chosen scenario), write a one page description of the architectural style you chose for this project. In the paper, please consider the following question:

For this project the architectural style to be used is the client/server. This architecture was chosen because it has increased modularity. Users can access the server through a client or server application. The architecture allows users to run an application on their local computer, which is known as the client that will connect over a network to the server running the SQL server. The architecture consists of four layers, the application server, application interface, business rules, and data capture. The data capture layer is where the user would input their data into the system. The business rule is where certain parameters would be entered such as the age requirement. The application layer has the task of processing the data. This layer stores data and calculation results. The application inter face layer is responsible for converting the data from the business context to a technological context (Wrox Press, 1997).

What are some examples of use?

Client/Server systems are setup so the database runs the application on a central computer. This is known as the server. Now the information can be shared among hundreds and thousands of users.

What are some advantages?

• User logins and accounts for every user on the server can be assigned in one place. • Access to data files and printers can be granted to a single user or a group. • IT personnel can repair, and diagnose problems from a remote location. • Servers can handle heavy processing loads.

• They are efficient in the process of large disk space, and the connection of several workstations (Dean, 2010, pp. 4-6).

What are disadvantages?

• An abundance of clients making...
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