Tyro Essay

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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Tyro Essay

Dreams can sometimes turn to nightmares. This is shown in the book “Tyro” by David McRobbie and how some things don’t end up the way they were planned. It is about relationships and careers suddenly changing every second.

The novel “Tyro” is set at Dalrossen dockyards in the 1950s where the main character Andrew Kinnear starts his new apprenticeship. Andrew plans on being a Navy merchant but he must first complete five years at Dalrossen Dockyards which is bad because of the people. He soon discovers who’s good and those who are mean. Andrew decides to be good by being with other new or bullied people to help them but the bulling and annoying from Jack Coultree will prevail. This is shown that sometimes dreams can turn to nightmares.

Andrew was progressing well and making a lot of friends but Jack was not a friendly person to Andrew. Andrew was finally initiated and was welcomed as a Tiger. If you are initiated you were considered a Tiger .Jack was pleased with this until Andrew said he did not want to be in other people’s initiations. Jack was not pleased about this and wanted Andrew to be re-initiated. So every day Andrew tried to avoid Jack. This is how some dreams can turn to nightmares.

Oliver starts his new job at Dalrossen dockyards and is willing to stand up to Jack. Jack was surprised when this happened because everyone was scared of him but Oliver. When he started at Dalrossen Dockyards it looked like he’d been there for years because he knew everything. Oliver worked at his grandpa’s workshop so he knew all the equipment and tools off by heart. Then Oliver’s friendship with Andrew grew stronger and stronger. He was progressing well until Oliver was initiated and then he quit because they found out about his congenital problem. This is another form of dreams turning to nightmares.

Dreams can sometimes turn to nightmares. This is shown when Charlotte was being spied on by Jack then she blamed him for the things that have gone...
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