Typography and Environmental Economics

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Economics Report

Project Description:
In this project, you will edit and format a newsletter and a research paper for Memphis Primary Materials on the topic of environmental economics. To accomplish this, you will insert footnotes, create citations and a bibliography, format a multiple-column newsletter, use special character and paragraph formatting, and create mailing labels using Mail Merge.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step| Instructions| Points Possible|
1| Start Word. Download and open the file named Go_w03_Grader_EOC.docx.| 0| 2| Select the text on Page 1, beginning with Research on Environmental Economics and ending with www.memphisprimarymaterials.com/MEEC, and change the format to two columns. For the same text, change the spacing after to 6 pt, and change the alignment to justify.| 12| 3| Insert a column break immediately to the left of the line that begins pollutants would near the top of the second column.| 4| 4| Apply the small caps font effect to the section title, Research on Environmental Economics. Set the font color of the same text to Dark Blue, Text 2. | 8| 5| Select the last two paragraphs in the second column, beginning with For more information and ending with www.memphisprimarymaterials.com/MEEC, and apply a 1 1/2 pt shadow border. Change the shading of the same paragraphs to a fill of Dark Blue, Text 2, Lighter 80%.| 12| 6| Click at the beginning of the paragraph that begins Memphis Primary Materials is a cosponsor. Search for a Clip Art image using the search word conference, narrowing the results so that only illustrations are returned. Include the Office.com content in the search. From the search results, insert the picture of the group with a man holding up a piece of paper. For your reference, the image is also included with the project starting materials with the file name conference.wmf. | 6| 7| Change the wrapping...
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