Typical Travelling Types

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Typical Travelling Types

From the www.alah.com website there are three main types of travellers. The first would be the business traveller, another would be the persons who travel for leisure, and the last would be the international traveller. From what I have learned there are different lodgings for each type of traveller.

The business traveller is typically alone. From what the statistics show this type of traveller is usually a male, between the ages of thirty five and fifty four. They are typically employed, seeing as they are travelling on business, in a professional and or managerial position; they are typically earning an average yearly household income of $116,388. Typically, these guests make reservations beforehand and generally pay $129 per room night. Less than half of the percent of business travelers stay one night.

The typical persons that travel for leisure are a couple or more, between the ages of thirty five and fifty five or older. They are typically earning an average yearly household income of $89,736 a year. The person or persons that travel for leisure usually travel by car or other automobile. The leisure traveller usually makes reservations and pays $109 a night. Less than half of the people travelling for leisure stay in a hotel.

The international traveller can be a mix of both, in my opinion. In 2011 international travellers accounted for twenty one percent of all lodging sales. The average length of time they stayed was 8.8 days. The average number of people per party was 1.7 percent. The purposes of these trips for overseas travelers who stayed in hotels and motels were a mix of leisure, recreation, and travellers for holidays. People who travel internationally also travel for business and conventions. They travel by any means up to and including car, taxi, limousine and air.

From looking at the statistics of lodging types I would say the industry will sky rocket in the years to come. These were statistics from the...
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