Typical Day in My Life

A typical day in my life.
A school day.

I usually wake up at 7 o’clock when my alarm is screaming for help to set it off. But anyway, I always very sleepy at that time and still laying in my bad for ten minutes .

The first of all, in the morning I make a lot of breakfast because I always feel hungry . Before the breakfast I go to the bathroom and then later put my books into the bag and then go downstairs to the kitchen to have a breakfast .After the breakfast I put my coat on and go outside.

Usually , I walk to the bus stop very quickly because I worry I’ll miss the bus 388 which goes every nine minutes . When I get into it I walk upstairs and sit down near the window . Sometimes , when I’m not prepared to the lesson properly , I try to prepare to it right in the bus. I used to travel to the college by the DLR but I prefer the 388 rather than DLR. The Duration of my journey to the college is approximately less than twenty minutes, so I also have some time before the lesson starts .Before the lesson I usually talk with my friends about the home work which was set to us or a “funny weekend “ that all we had . I also try to memorise the previous lesson and get prepared to answer the homework if it’s necessary. The college has some rules which I need to follow stick , so I need to switch off my mobile phone and get ride of a chewing gum or I’ll be in a trouble .

Per lesson all of us pay attention what tutor explains. But when it is 5 minutes left till the end of the lesson , I start to pay all the attention on the clocks that always do tick – tack nervously. Five minutes left . Four minutes left. Three. Two. One. Wahoo! Break! And I start to put all by books into the bag quickly . -Hey , Lisa! It’s the whole hour left till the end! Chill out ! Sit down and listen to me when I’m talking. -Ah? A… I’m ….O.K

Blast ! I get confused! The clocks show the wrong time!!! What a pity…

To be honest , I don’t really like too long brakes such as...
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