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Typhhon Sendong Occurence an Avenge of Enchanted Beings Not True

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Typhhon Sendong Occurence an Avenge of Enchanted Beings Not True

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Typhoon is a natural phenomenon. It is a tropical storm with violent winds. On the 16th day of December 2011 a tremendous typhoon hit the southern part of the Philippines specifically the northern part in Mindanao which are the places of Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City. The tropical storm is named Sendong by the PAGASA, international code name is Washi. Mindanao is an island in the Philippines that is seldom gets hit by a typhoon that causes devastation and lost of lives. If ever, what it gets is the tail-end of the storm that brings slight winds and rains. Most typhoons in the Philippines originate from the eastern side and almost always make a landfall on either Luzon or the Visayas islands but not this time, however. Tropical storm Sendong brought 10 hours of torrential rains that triggered disastrous flash flooding over Mindanao, which then results to hundreds of missing, thousands of death, millions of damages and billions of destructions. This happening is really unexpected; no one is really prepared of the incident but no one also expected that this kind of event will happen. Due to the thinking that the region is unaccustomed to visits of typhoons and on the belief that the region is safe from landslides and floods, folks concluded that the occurrence of typhoon sendong was an avenge of dili-ingon-nato (not-like-us beings) or engkanto (enchanted beings). 1.2 Statement of the Problem

This study is conducted to argue that it is not true that the Trophical storm Sendong occurrence is caused by enchanted beings. Specifically it aims to answer the following questions: 1.Is typhoon a Natural Phenomena?

2.Are there illegal activities present in the affected places? 3.Does geographical location worsen the flood?
1.3 Objectives
1.3.1 A. General Objectives
To prove that the typhoon Sendong...

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