Types of Tourism

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Types of Tourism
Often when we talk about tourism never distinguish the word of its various meanings, is more when it comes to quiet tourism with nature or go to churches, museums, spas, among others sometimes confused it whit adventure tourism, and put yourself thinking a moment a one tourist who wants to be at peace whit himself in a jungle whit other fifteen people, is stressful for him. For this I want to show the types of tourism that are most important or most popular. And these are

• Cultural Tourism 
• Historic Tourism 
• Adventure Travel 
• Ecotourism
• Culinary Tourism 
• Religious Tourism 
• Health Tourism 
• Literary Tourism 

Cultural Tourism 
Currently, as it is known, a wide variety of styles for tourism, but although perhaps not believe many of these different forms of practice activities are like branches of cultural tourism. Unlike other kinds of tourism, this highlights the places where you can learn something new, not like other kinds of tourism where the main part is visits to beaches, shops to buy souvenirs, etc...  Increasingly, companies involved in tourism that occurs between their plans and travel routes stops at places of broad cultural interest. We can practice urban tourism, archaeological tourism, gastronomic tourism, ethnographic tourism, among others. 

Adventure Tourism
To perform this kind of tourism it is best to stay in areas suitable for sports.  The adventure tourism activities involve a division, land activities, water and air.  Nature lovers are in adventure tourism the way to combine sports and nature. The destinations for adventure tourism its practice are diverse which inevitably large sample of neutral and cultural attractions are. Among the best destinations for adventure tourism practice are to:  * Mexican Caribbean 

* Amazon between Brazil and Peru 
* Caminos del Inca in Cusco, Perú 
* The Pantanal in Brazil 
* Italy 
* Among other 

Gastronomic Tourism 
The reasons for...
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