Types of Syllogisms

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* A type of special syllogism in which one part of the syllogism is not expressed.

All holidays are non-working days.
Bonifacio Day is a holiday.
So, Bonifacio Day is a non- working day.

*The unexpressed Major Premise/ Minor Premise/ Conclusion
Figure, Mood, Rules

* A type of special syllogism in which one or two premises is/are causal proposition/s. 1. Simple – only one of the premises is a causal proposition

Corrupt officials are immoral for they act for personal gain. Some politicians are corrupt.
So, some politicians are immoral.

2. Compound – the premises are causal propositions.

Students pass major exams for they studied their lessons well. Some Ilocanos are students for they are enrolled in Mapua Institute of Technology. Therefore, some Ilocanos pass major exams.
Ignore the reason then go back to the rules on categorical syllogism (FMR).

* A type of special syllogism in which there are many syllogism within * Chain Arguments

All cellular phones are electronic gadgets.
Samsung Galaxy is a cellular phone.
So, Samsung Galaxy is an electronic gadget.
Some human inventions are Samsung Galaxy.
So, some human inventions are electronic gadgets.
All non-durable products are human inventions.
So, non- durable products are electronic gadgets.


Aristotlean Sorites| Gloclenian Sorites|
ABBCCDDEEF| All Filipinos are music lovers.All music lovers are emotional.All emotional people are sensitive.All sensitive people are liars.All liars are suicidals.So, Filipinos are suicidals. | | All Filipinos are music lovers.All sweet lovers are Filipinos.All drivers are sweet loversAll swimmers are drivers.All astronauts are swimmers. So, all astronauts are music llovers.| AF| | | |

VALIDITY: * No premise is negative except the last. * If the last premise is negative, the conclusion...
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