Types of Stress Experienced by College Students

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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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Paragraph #2- Discuss three types of stress experienced by college students. Directions: Write one paragraph about the following prompts and formulate 3 main reasons in your paragraph about three types of stress that you feel is experienced by college students.

College students experience a lot of stressors when entering or re-entering college late in life. Some of these stressors can include, time spent doing classes that may interfere with work schedules, financial burdens to may incur and adapting to educational learning when you may not have been in school for some time. Currently my work schedule requires me to be on call 24/7, so that I am available to all my store managers when my retail stores are open. Should I have assignments due it can be stressful to focus while constantly receiving phone calls or having emails to write or auction to list as part of my job. While I make decent money at my job the money is allocated based on the bills I have. Enrolling in college was not in the budget, so I had to resort to financial aid and the lengthy process of receiving the money. I had to take an upfront loan from my family to enroll and receive books all of which must be paid back when my financial aid check is received. Not to mention I am now in debt to the government all because I want to better myself through education. Lastly I am finding it difficult to adapt to doing online school work when it has been over 15 years since I have been in a classroom environment. My focus is now work and keeping a home, so sitting down and completely understanding what I have read and having to do assignments all while I now have the expectations on me, that I do, is very difficult. My location doesn’t enable me to personally meet with my teachers to further go over subjects I may not completely understand. In closing, above are all the stressors I run into while taking college classes. College stressors can be different for everyone depending on their home life or...
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