Types of Sheeps

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  • Published : July 18, 2012
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S. No.
Name of the wool yielding animal
Information – Where it is found and what kind of wool does it provide etc. 1.
Lohi Sheep

Found in Rajasthan and Punjab, India. Gives good quality of wool that is used for making woollen clothes. 2.
Rampur Bushair Sheep

Found in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, India. Gives brown coloured superior carpet quality wool that is used for making nice quality of carpets. 3.
Nali Sheep

Found in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab, India. Gives good quality of carpet wool that is used for making premium variety of carpets. 4.
Bakharwal Sheep

Found in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The wool given by Bakharwal sheep is used for making woollen shawls. 5.
Drysdale Sheep

Found in New Zealand. Gives coarse thick wool which is used in making carpets. 6.

Found in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gives light brown carpet wool that is coarse and is used for making carpets. 7.
Angora goat

Found in Angora, Turkey. Produces fine quality of white or coloured wool called mohair.  Mohair is used in making carpets, scarves, winter hats, suits, sweaters, coats and socks. 8.
Llama camel

Found in Andes mountain region of South America. The wool of Llama camel is light weight, grease free, luxurious and soft and thus is used for great quality of woollen clothes. 9.
Alpaca camel

Found in Peru and other areas of South America. Alpaca camel wool is very fine and of yarn quality and so it is used for shawls, stoles and carpets. 10.

Found in Ladakh, Nepal and Sikkim in India and also in other parts of the world. The outer wool of Yak is rough whereas the inner wool is soft.  Wool from Yak is used to make blanket, socks, hats and sweaters etc.
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