Types of Sensors

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Types of Sensors
Sensor technology is a growing form of technology that has caught everyone’s attention in the recent times engineers have been continuously working on new forms of sensors for incorporating different features into a technology. A sensor is nothing but a special converter that helps in measuring the physical quantity of an object and then converts the same into a special signal to be sent to the technological devices. Sensors facilitate the sending and receiving of these special signals for carrying out different activities. If you look at some of the major technologies these days including the mobile phones or the laptops, you would find out that they all are making use of some form of sensor in order to do their job. We would here discuss some of the major types of sensors usually used. There are special sensors that are devised and used especially for acoustic, sound and vibration purposes. There are numerous devices like the hydrophone and microphone which act as sensors and are mainly used for the purpose of transmitting sound and vibrations from one object to another. These sensors are usually employed in devices that need to transmit and transfer sound and other vibrations. Sensors are not only used for sound or vibrations but they are also commonly used for different automotive and transportation devices and mechanisms. Some of the commonly used automotive sensors include defect detector, mass flow sensor, oxygen sensor, parking sensor and speed sensor. The names of these sensors clearly define their purposes and applications. The chemical industry is also full of innumerable sensors, which are used for different applications. There are special carbon dioxide sensors that help in detecting the presence of carbon dioxide in a given space. Other than that, holographic sensor, infrared point sensor, olfactometer, oxygen sensor and smoke detectors are some of the common types of sensors that are used for industrial and other technological...
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