Types of Research

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Customer service Pages: 8 (2775 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Preliminary Research
MGT600 Unit 1 Individual Project
Barbra Dean
AIU Online
January 9, 2011


There are numerous types of research. Selecting the best type of research, from such a diverse collection of sources, can be overwhelming. This paper is only going to examine two types of research, formal research and business proposals. There is a profusion of analyses over the relationship between these two categories of research. One of the most important factors in determining which type of research to choose is deciding the ultimate goal of your conclusion. Using formal research to aid my investigation, I will disprove the hypothesis that there is no relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Formal research is defined as conducting an experiment, under controlled conditions, in order to discover, demonstrate and/or test a hypothesis. A business proposal is defined as the systematic gathering of information to determine the best possible solution for a specific problem or situation that has arisen within an organization or company. Martin (2011) Both types of research can and do have applications in the business world. There are also disadvantages of both types of research. There are some similarities between business proposals and formal research. Both formal research and a business proposal are used to define a specific problem. Both types of research gather data from already documented sources. This is accomplished by completing a literary review. These types of research compare their results to the previously established resources in that particular area. Jointly, research and proposals generate knowledge for an exact problem. Together these types of research are used to generate a hypothesis to be tested. In both cases, once testing is complete, a conclusion is reached. There are also several differences between formal research and a business proposal. A business proposal uses a variety of forms and a research project only uses the APA format. A business proposal uses data from previous situations that have arisen in that particular company or a competitor. A research project gathers data from already documented sources. A business proposal is normally defined as a decision making matter. A business project is defined as a specific concern that will contribute to the knowledge base. The goal of a business proposal is to find the optimal solution to reach a conclusion so a plan of action can be implemented. Theoretical framework is not normally used in business proposals but is always used in formal research. Theoretical research does not translate well into reality. The goal of a business proposal is to find the optimal solution to reach a conclusion so a plan of action can be implemented. A research project conducts an experiment that can be replicated, with the goal of adding to the scholarly sources. Martin (2011) In recent times, the trend has been that there is now a sever disconnection between educators and managers. Educators are trained in general knowledge. Managers are trained to solve problems. Managers are under the impression that educators do not know what is happening in the “real world”. Because of this perception, managers are unlikely to use academic research. Managers will have to be convinced that academic research can be applied to the business world before they will use it. (Buckley, Ferris, Bernardin, Harvey 1998) The decision of which type of research to use will depend on what your goal is. Are you trying to solve a problem? Are you trying to discover the optimal solution to a difficult problem? You will want to choose a business proposal. Are you trying to add relevant information to the current knowledge base of an exclusive field of study? Are you conducting an easily replicated experiment? Is your goal to contribute to scholarly sources? You will want to choose formal research. A business proposal is a...
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